Chapter 31: Headfirst into Colombia

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from November 2 to November 15:   A Continental Transition It had felt like a lifetime in Central America. What has always looked like no more than a blip on the map swallowed up 7 months of our lives. We entered into Mexico as wide-eyed wanderers, a […]

After College: Why Travel Is Right For Your Career

Can young, career-oriented Americans benefit from the European custom of extended travel before entering the workforce? Young, career-oriented Americans don’t travel. Sure, we enjoy hard-earned one to two week vacations, short respites from our work, but do we really see the world? As exciting as a vacation to some wonder of the world like Machu […]

Chapter 30: Santa Maria’s Swan Song

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from September 17 to November 1: Santa Maria’s Last Waltz By now you know our car is a gonner. It is in the hands of another, our Panamanian friend Rene. We are alone, with just what we can carry on our backs. The road ahead is […]

Video Update 11/10 – Motorcycling through the Northern Colombian Mountains

It’s a video update! Live from the backs of 4 motorcycles riding up through the cloud forests of the northern Colombian mountains! This week: – We finally crossed from Central to South America after 7 months, by way of a 50′ sailboat through the San Blas Islands from Panama to Colombia. Lobster and octopus and […]

This is everything we have in our lives now.

Well, this is everything. This is everything we have in our lives now. Our car is toast, we’re giving it to a friend in Panama. We’re ditching 70% of our stuff. From now on we’re carrying everything we own on our backs as we take on South America. Ever heard a film crew do that? […]

Video Update 10/28 – Leaving our car behind in Panama City

Video update! This is a big one – you’ve caught us in the act of giving our car to our friend Rene here in Panama City, Panama! Wait WHAT??! Giving our car away? Umm… Yea, from now on the stuff you see on our backs here is all we have. In a few days we’ll […]

Chapter 29: Panamanian Playland

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from September 17 to October 27: Story Highlights: 4 magical nights in Bocas del Toro nearly leads us to forget our car nightmare altogether Deep boarding is boogie boarding on steroids We hide away in the rainy plush highlands of Boquete Panama City turns out to be a pretty […]

Hola Again Mr. Mathis’ Class!

One of the absolute greatest Goulet supporters is Eddie “Mr.” Mathis. A coworker of Eric’s back during his teaching days in Brooklyn, Eddie hosted us in Austin way back during the early days of our journey, before we’d even crossed into Mexico (and also when we didn’t speak a lick of Spanish)… 6 months later, […]

Chapter 28: Sloth Sleuthing and other Extraneous Escapades

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from September 4 to September 16 (Days 159 – 171): Sometimes certain stretches of our sightseeing serve us only slightly in strengthening the serious side of this seminal season of our TV series. Sometimes there is no beginning, middle and end. Sometimes we just hop from place […]

Video Update 9/7 – Live from the Costa Rican Border

In this video update, we take you to a far-too-normal but far-too-undocumented part of our trip – right in the middle of a border crossing. We’re not really sure if this is technically Nicaragua or Costa Rica, but it seemed like a damn good place to give an update: – We’ve wrapped up the bulk of […]

Happy 1 Year Anniversary of Finishing the Mongol Rally, Global Goulets!

Woh. We’re buggin a bit. One year ago we finished the Mongol Rally, had a huge celebration, and then went back to the “real world.” The adventure was over. Today we’re writing this post from an organic farm on an island that is made from two volcanoes in the middle of one of the biggest […]

Chapter 27: Staying Forever in El Transito

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from August 17 to September 3 (Days 140 – 158): By now, it feels like we’ve tried every trick in the book to slow down this trip. We spent a whole month in Mexico, though we’d only planned to speed through in a week. The same […]

Global Goulets Video Update 8/30 – El Transito, Nicaragua

Hola! Live from El Transito, Nicaragua where the Goulets are celebrating 5 months on the road. Whoa. Wasn’t this supposed to be a 3 month trip? Here’s the latest: – We’re in our favorite little fishing village and finally enjoying being stagnant for a little while. Surfing, reading, loads and loads of video production, and […]

Chapter 26: A Costa Rican Reunion

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from August 3 to August 16 (Days 114 – 139): Eric didn’t remember much about Luisa. His old babysitter, who worked with his family up until he was 5 years old, had dissolved into not much more than a fading memory. “She was so wonderful with you,” […]

How to Guarantee Yourself an Authentic Travel Experience: A Methodology for Better Travel

This article also published on Heading out to sea with a Nicaraguan fishing crew at 4am. Building a yurt with a family of nomads on the Mongolian steppe. Cruising around town looking for grub with a Guatemalan mechanic. In the past year we’ve been to over 25 countries. We have a lot of travel […]

Podcast Episode 9: How to Have an Unforgettable Travel Experience

Before we get to the meat of the article, please give us a rating on iTunes. No need to leave a review, just toss us a rating. Takes less than a minute. Thank you!   How did we end up throwing candy and plastic home goods off the roof of a Mexican church at […]

Global Goulets Video Update 8/15 – Palmares, Costa Rica

Live from Palmares, Costa Rica, where today is Dia de la Madre! Happy Mother’s Day, from Costa Rica. Here’s the latest: – We crossed into Costa Rica and hit the beaches of Tamarindo, where we got to spend time with our friends Charlie and Sabrina from NYC – We learned how to smoke tuna in […]

Global Goulets Featured in La Prensa, Honduras’ #1 Newspaper

Our recent article, “The Murder Capital of the World That Isn’t”, made a big splash around Honduras and on the interwebs. But in case you’d prefer to read the article in Spanish, or just want to test your Spanish skillz, La Prensa, Honduras’ #1 newspaper, has translated the article and published it in print and […]

The “Murder Capital of the World” That Isn’t – A Visit to San Pedro Sula

This article is also published on Don’t Go To Honduras This is what we were told by countless travelers, websites, guide books, friends and family, and we took it to heart. When planning our drive from NYC to Argentina, we planned to spend as little time as possible in Honduras. Along the way something […]

Thank You to Everyone Who Helped Us Wish Walter a Happy Birthday!

Hey Goulets, Yesterday, August 7th, was our dear friend Walter’s birthday. We reached out to you all for help in wishing him a happy birthday, and you responded with more enthusiasm than we could have possibly imagined. Walter told us that the video was the best thing that happened to him on his birthday, and […]

Global Goulets Video Update – 8/8, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

It’s the first ever Goulet video update! Live from sleeping in our in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Here’s the latest: – Eric has chocolate on his face from our surprise chocolate bar eaten 5 minutes before this video – We were generously gifted a NEW ALTERNATOR(!) directly flown from the U.S. by our friend […]

Chapter 25: Car Hell in Nicaragua

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from July 22 to August 2 (Days 113 – 125): This post is written under sullen circumstances. Shrouded in a black cloud of doom, we sit in a café in San Juan del Sur, the gringo party capital of Central America, on a Sunday, the day […]

Chapter 24: Tales from El Transito

The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from July 15 to July 21 (Days 106 – 112) Story Highlights: We stumble into the amazing beach town of El Transito Excited by the work of NICA, we film the school and make them a promo video Oliver, an unforgettable little boy, leads us to the heart of […]