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KettleSpace's highest-converting ad ever

Our latest Instagram/Facebook campaign for KettleSpace was their highest-converting ever, and launched a new round of fundraising!

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  • Anything from quick 15-second ads for Instagram/Facebook, thru longer videos to introduce your brand and tell your story
  • Vertical or horizontal formats
  • We’ll write an engaging script designed to thrive on social media
  • We’ll edit your video with all the tricks of viral video baked in
  • We’ll provide full-service production, or help you track down any stock footage or assets necessary for your project
  • We’ll deliver a fully completed video (or series) that’s designed for social media
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“The Nowhere Men came on at a critical time in our growth. Our paid media ROI had flatlined and we
needed to get conversions back up. To supercharge our marketing, we immediately approached Alex
and Brian. Not only do we trust their creative vision, but we also trust their business sense. They
make sure to understand our business goals before designing campaigns to achieve them.

They produced 3 ads for us, and each one converted better than the last. One of them is the highest
converting ad we’ve ever run. We’re now growing our business faster than ever before. Our
experience working with Alex and Brian was fantastic. They are professional, fun to work with, and
great at what they do. I couldn’t recommend them more.”

Andrew Levy, Co-Founder & CMO / KettleSpace

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Making Better Men – Ep.053 – Connor Beaton

We believe better men = better everyone…

… if you agree, help us spread the word.

This video starts off hot because the violence and assault inflicted by men has been the front page of the news lately…

… and we need to start addressing it.

A lot of valid criticism has been leveled at men, and a deeper look into why men are lashing out, acting abusively, shutting down, and falling behind is needed.

There are different explanations for the mania of Trump, abuse of Weinstein and Cosby, or the fury of the Alt-Right…

… there are also some strong common threads.

Men aren’t getting the support they need to be better men, and it's causing problems. "Help" and "support" are just not part of our outdated model of masculinity. The stats by Mark Manson in the video make that clear.

If we’re all going to build a better society together, we need to make sure men are getting the support they need.

We need new communities, new leaders, and a new path forward.

This is what we loved so much about Connor and ManTalks. They’re actively working on a solution to develop better modern men.

While some women feel threatened by this work, and say “Men already have everything, they don’t need this,” more women are just as excited for men to become better forms of themselves.

As Connor told us, women see their brothers, fathers, husbands, and friends struggling through the issues we discuss in this video.

This video is not apologizing for the horrible behavior of men. It’s not making excuses. It’s explaining one of the root causes of the issue, and what we can do to address it. If we can, our society will be better off.

Better men = better everyone.

Posted by Nowhere Men on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Our video with ManTalks launched a global conversation, organically: over 950k views and 16k shares.


  • Over 70% US-based
  • Over 80% age 18-44
  • 62% female


  • Produced 110+ weekly videos that were watched…
  • 16.2M times organically, for a total viewtime of…
  • 34.5 years, growing our audience to…
  • over 150,000+ hyper-engaged global fans…
  • and reaching up to 4,000,000 people organically in a single week
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OVER 35 MIllion Views

all organically (not paid).


They say…

Michael Rosenblum

To my mind, they represent the future of both video and television. Most videos are produced by a ‘production company’ that has no real interest in the work aside from getting paid. These guys have a real passion for their work. It is their work. There is a sense of authorship here that is different. And they have definitely found their voice.

Michael Rosenblum / Founder of NYTimes Television, Founder of Current TV
James Guiliani - The Dogfather

In 5 years, a reality show on Oprah’s network, and big features by every major press outlet there is, nobody has gotten us this level of exposure for me or my animals. You captured the truest James that’s ever been on camera, and I’ve never been happier with the result. You guys are brilliant. You’re better than Oprah. You’ve awakened our lives again. Plus, I had a shitload of fun with you guys.

James Guiliani / The Dogfather
Terri Marlett

I met these guys when they drove through Latin America in El Transito, Nicaragua. How they ended up in El Transito, I’ll never know. Our paths crossed and my experience knowing them has been awesome. They have touched our lives and those of so many more. They are incredible. I can’t help but follow these guys and watch what they make.

Terri Marlett / Founder, NICA Foundation

Custom Video Strategy


Just check this out:

“It’s estimated that by 2021, video will make up 80% of all consumer-based traffic on the internet — and videos will make up 41% of all online advertising spending.”   – The Hustle

The small business winners of tomorrow are the companies who see where the world is going, and take the time to get video right today.

Producing video for social media is different than normal video production. It isn’t about beautiful, slow motion shots filmed on $80,000 cameras.

It’s about a great hook, a story that connects on a deep emotional level and a CTA that gets people sharing, clicking, and buying, filmed on whatever camera you’ve got.


  • Video strategy + coaching
    • We’ll help you determine your brand’s custom video strategy, designed to connect with your customers
    • We’ll teach you how to make viral videos on your own, without the need for prior video experience or fancy camera equipment
    • We’ll provide expert feedback on your scripts and edits to optimize for social media
    • We’ll build a custom content calendar so you always know what you’re filming next
    • Bonus: The Nowhere Men Guide to Video Production eBook, which includes all of our tactics for strategizing, scripting, producing, editing, and distributing powerful videos
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