Video Update 11/10 – Motorcycling through the Northern Colombian Mountains

It’s a video update! Live from the backs of 4 motorcycles riding up through the cloud forests of the northern Colombian mountains!

This week:
– We finally crossed from Central to South America after 7 months, by way of a 50′ sailboat through the San Blas Islands from Panama to Colombia. Lobster and octopus and swimming in paradise – not a bad way to get to Colombia!
– Carless, we’ve bounced between Cartagena to Santa Marta to Minca carrying our bags of stuff stuff stuff
– This week we’re joined by one of Brian’s best friends from home, Benny, who’s escaping NYC corporate life for a weeklong taste of the travel life. And he’s certainly getting it!
– We travelled to Minca, a small town in the mountains and caught rides on the backs of motorcycles for another 2 hours to sleep in a family’s house under a remote cell phone tower at the summit and catch an epic view of Colombia in the morning
– Next we’re heading down to Medellin where we’ll see our friend Rush and be joined by Faraan, another long-missed NYC homie

To Benny’s parents Meryl and Stu – we’re so sorry, motorcycles were the only way… 🙁

Viva Colombia!

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