Chapter 30: Santa Maria’s Swan Song

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from September 17 to November 1: Santa Maria’s Last Waltz By now you know our car is a gonner. It is in the hands of another, our Panamanian friend Rene. We are alone, with just what we can carry on our backs. The road ahead is […]

Video Update 10/28 – Leaving our car behind in Panama City

Video update! This is a big one – you’ve caught us in the act of giving our car to our friend Rene here in Panama City, Panama! Wait WHAT??! Giving our car away? Umm… Yea, from now on the stuff you see on our backs here is all we have. In a few days we’ll […]

Her Name is Santa Maria

In 1492, the story goes, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue en route to his discovery of Latin America. He took a fleet of 3 ships: the Nina, the Pinta, and of course, the Santa Maria. We Goulets find ourselves on a similar adventure, out to discover the Latin American world and the treasures it […]