Global Goulets Video Update – 8/8, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

It’s the first ever Goulet video update! Live from sleeping in our in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Here’s the latest:
– Eric has chocolate on his face from our surprise chocolate bar eaten 5 minutes before this video
– We were generously gifted a NEW ALTERNATOR(!) directly flown from the U.S. by our friend Ray Marlett, geniously choreographed by our friend and guardian angel Terri Marlett
– Our car still has an oil leak but we’re pressing on anyway
– After a month in Nicaragua it’s NEW COUNTRY DAY! Off to Costa Rica this morning to meet our friend Charlie in Tamarindo


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2 thoughts on “Global Goulets Video Update – 8/8, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

  1. David Loayza says:

    Your Adventure is awesome. I was wondering. What are your plans to get from Panama to Colombia since there are no roads through the Darian pass. Also, Do you plan to drive through Bolivia?

    • Global Goulets says:

      Thanks! And yea, the Darien Gap will be a big ordeal. There’s a ferry for cars but it apparently closed for the season a few months ago with no announced date to return. We think we’ll have to do a lot of scrambling once we’re in Panama to figure this out, but of course will keep the world updated!

      Yep – we’ll be driving through Bolivia and can’t wait! We are of course already planning the most creative photos we can think of for the salt flats, just like everyone else does 🙂

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