Hola Again Mr. Mathis’ Class!

One of the absolute greatest Goulet supporters is Eddie “Mr.” Mathis. A coworker of Eric’s back during his teaching days in Brooklyn, Eddie hosted us in Austin way back during the early days of our journey, before we’d even crossed into Mexico (and also when we didn’t speak a lick of Spanish)…

6 months later, we’ve only made it to Panama, while Mr. Mathis has a brand new class of 4th graders. Eager to leverage our adventure to help teach his students a thing or two about Latin America, we organized a Skype call and got to meet all of the kids. The one challenge: our conversation with his bi-lingual class was to be conducted exclusively in Spanish.

We had an amazing time and after answering some of their incredibly stumping questions (such as “What kind of jobs are you going to get when your trip is over?”), Mr. Mathis surprised us by whipping out his guitar and playing a song they wrote for us. We made sure to capture it all on camera for our TV show as well.

We plan to continue working with our new best friends in a number of creative ways, so stay tuned!

And again, huge thanks to our homeboy Eddie for making this happen.

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