Video Update 9/7 – Live from the Costa Rican Border

In this video update, we take you to a far-too-normal but far-too-undocumented part of our trip – right in the middle of a border crossing. We’re not really sure if this is technically Nicaragua or Costa Rica, but it seemed like a damn good place to give an update:

– We’ve wrapped up the bulk of our video work for NICA in our favorite little rural Nicaraguan town, El Transito. It was a tough goodbye
– We spent two days on the epic, magical Isla de Ometepe, a jungle island formed by two towering volcanoes that seem to have their own weather patterns. We spent our time going comedor to comedor drinking coffee and meeting people who find no reason to ever leave their homes on the massive island
– After a marathon day of driving, we’ve finally said adios to Nicaragua and made it back to Eric’s babysitter (our babysitter) Luisa, in Palmares, Costa Rica. Palmares is called “the town to make friends” and we’re already doing a good job of it.

Until next time, pura vida!

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