How to be a better man? A Challenge from Dan Doty of Evryman

  Vulnerability… Ugh Vulnerability has been a buzzword ever since Brene Brown’s TED talk, The Power of Vulnerability.  They say vulnerability is the key to romantic relationships, friendships, leadership, all the ships.  And for a long time, I believed them.  So I worked hard on learning to be vulnerable. In my relationships, in my friendships, […]

Introducing Out In My Mind – An Experimental Psychology Series

Out In My Mind by the Nowhere Men

Out In My Mind started with a simple question: what if we had access to the best psychologists, coaches, and therapists from around the world and they were willing to provide us with their best advice?  What would we do with that information? I’ve been obsessed with the world of psychology and personal development ever […]

Nowhere Men quoted in Facebook’s announcement about the launch of Top Fans!

We <3 our Top Fans! This week, Facebook announced the rollout of their new Top Fans feature – and quoted the Nowhere Men about how much we love it! “It’s not only great to see who our most engaged fans are, but it’s also wonderful to be able to recognize them for that. It helps […]

Nowhere Men featured as ‘Motivational Makers’ by Facebook’s Creator Spotlight blog!

We’re thrilled to be featured by Facebook’s Creator Spotlight blog as ‘Motivational Makers’! Thanks, Facebook, for the shoutout! We’ll continue doing our best to motivate and inspire others to stay curious, keep exploring, and keep creating. Check out the spotlight article here:

How to Make a Travel Video That Doesn’t Suck

Stuck in the mud in remote Bolivia

Your vacation is awesome. And you probably want to capture that awesomeness, and make a lifelong souvenir out of that awesomeness, that you’ll watch and cherish and show your kids for years. But if you’ve ever tried to film your vacation, you might’ve realized by now that you’ve never actually watched any of those videos. […]

2018 Resolution: Tell your story

2018 Resolution: Tell your story!

Stop thinking about it. Stop questioning it. Now, more than ever, it’s time to abandon any hesitations you have and share your story, your voice, your unique perspective on life, with the world. You can add real value to people, even if you don’t know it yet. The internet is growing more and more faceless. […]

Our Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Gear

  We’ve spent the last 2 years traveling through every situation – wild camping, dirty hostels, extreme heat, extreme cold. Our recommended gear list is hard-earned through personal experience and the experiences of other veteran travelers we’ve met on the road. We’ve learned the expensive stuff is not always the best stuff – in fact, many of […]

Escape your own culture: Why we embrace multiculturalism

Today’s story is meant to open your eyes a little bit about how awesome it is when 2 cultures come together. And we mean that in the most literal way possible… Here’s the story of a very multicultural family that we met in Chile. And why we think they’re awesome. Tom is from upstate New York. He’s […]

How to rescue 1,000 dogs a year and get them adopted into a warm home

Stating the Problem – Where Does Your Adopted Rescue Dog Come From? The southern US has a stray animal problem. Dogs roam the streets, surviving off whatever they can, producing litters of puppies that make the problem even worse. Why does this problem exist? A few reasons. The main problem is low spay and neuter […]

Embrace Travel Without Fear

Travel without fear

Enter your email below and start restoring your faith in humanity   Our goal is to embrace travel without fear of that which is foreign. Without fear of people who are different. Sign up for our newsletter to keep your sense of travel alive. As travelers, we are as alarmed as anyone by the recent order […]

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it most

Sometimes you think to yourself, “how could things get any damn worse!” You’re in a bind. No, you’re between a rock and a hard place. No – you’re just plain screwed. If you feel like you have an impossible project or goal ahead of you that you just can’t get done on your own, read on and you’ll […]

Spontaneous dance parties on the Afghanistan border

Remind yourself of a horrible situation you’ve been in. This will put yourself in the right frame of mind to set yourself up for a great weekend. We know that sounds crazy, but just bare with us… Story Time We were in the middle of the dangerous GBAO region of Tajikistan. The US State Department […]

Why Do NYC Street Vendors Pay $18,000 For A $200 Permit?

Dirty water hot dogs ands street carts are as ubiquitous to New York as the yellow cab. We’ve got food carts for everything. From the iconic carts selling dirty water hot dogs, pretzels, halal, pastries, and coffee, to the hipster carts selling Korean tacos, vegan cinnamon buns, and gourmet grilled cheese. If you’re a real […]

Top 7 Street Food Experiences From Latin America

Steak in Buenos Aires

During our journey through Latin America from NYC to Argentina, street food was king. Not just because we were broke (although, yes, we were broke). Street food truly offers tourists the best and quickest way to enjoy a taste of local cuisine. Here’s a countdown of our top street food experiences on the road.    […]

Your New Years Resolution to Travel in 2017

  You need travel motivation for 2017.   “I’ve always wanted to go to _____________. It’s just never been the right time.” You’ve all heard this line before. And you’ve always had a great travel plan in mind. One week navigating the cultural maze of Japan. A five-day hike to magical Machu Picchu. Two weeks gallivanting […]

The World Lost Its Mind in 2016, But These 17 Travelers Kept Their Cool

  If you followed world news in 2016, you might have gotten the impression that the apocalypse is near. But we are here to tell you that all is not lost! In fact, the beauty of humanity and life blissfully abounds in all corners of our wonderful planet. We asked influential voices from around the travel […]

Chapter 52: On the Road to the End of the World

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from April 13 – April 15: In the final days of our trip, as we tip-toed to Tierra del Fuego, the Land of Fire, we let all that we’d seen and done sink in. A couple of nights left sleeping in the car fazed us not […]

Chapter 51: Torres del Paine Prevails

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from April 6 – April 12: Story Highlights: We took an accidental detour from Calafate to Puerto Natales en route to Torres del Paine National Park Day 1 – The winds fought us hard in our introductory day to the park Day 2 – The skys […]

Chapter 50: A Glacial Undertaking

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from April 3 – April 6: Back in Argentina, we sailed through a vast sea of nothingness. A beige blend of sun-scorched yellow shrubbery and wind-whacked green weeds dotted what was an otherwise dry, lifeless desert. Slight bumps saved the horizon from exposing the curvature of the […]

Chapter 49: Welcome to Patagonia

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from March 28 – April 2: The drive on Ruta 40 from El Bolson down to Esquel and then on our way back into Chile revealed and validated what we’d heard about the dry, pampas planes characteristic of the Argentine side of Patagonia. It explains why we […]

Chapter 48: Living Like an Argentine

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from March 25 – March 27: We hustled back into Argentina, over the crumbles of mountains that lay between these two southernmost neighbors. Pulling into Bariloche by the time darkness had settled in, it happened to be Good Friday, which reigned in hordes of tourists seeking a […]

Chapter 47: The Chill Way of Chiloe

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from March 21 – March 24: As it turns out, the end of the Panamerican Highway is not the end of the world. The transcontinental pavement-laden path stretches from Alaska, through Canada and the United States, into Mexico, along the spine of Central and Pacific South […]

Chapter 46: The Rhythm of a Road Trip

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from March 18 – March 20: Mid March meant the days down south at the end of the world were waning. Not literally, of course, but nearer the polls during the annual end of summer, daylight diminishes and the weather worsens. The Patagonian winter is something […]