Video Update 10/28 – Leaving our car behind in Panama City

Video update! This is a big one – you’ve caught us in the act of giving our car to our friend Rene here in Panama City, Panama!

Wait WHAT??! Giving our car away? Umm…

Yea, from now on the stuff you see on our backs here is all we have. In a few days we’ll take a big sailboat to the remote San Blas Islands off Panama, and then continue onward to Colombia, carrying all our stuff. We’ve already ditched most of it. South America, here we come! Leave some seats on the buses for us. Oh boy.

As for our Santa Maria – she got us from NYC to Panama and we could never forget her for that. It was a rocky 7 month, 12,000 mile relationship – but some of the best memories of our lives took place in that car. The leaky gas tank and indefatigable rust issues were finally too great a match for us. She’ll be in great hands with our friend Rene who has helped us greatly in these last few weeks and has shown us parts of the city we never would’ve seen. We’re gonna get to Argentina. Unfortunately, Santa Maria won’t be coming with us. But we wish her and Rene all the best!

Okay, onward to the San Blas Islands and Colombia!! Argentina, we’re still coming for you!

Hey you! Thanks for reading.

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