We couldn’t sit still for long. The Global Goulets are headed to the END OF THE WORLD! Thanks to our partnership with @RosenblumTV, we’ll be getting back behind the wheel to drive all of Central and South America to the southernmost tip of Argentina. Estimated launch in February 2015. Details to follow – stay tuned!!     […]

Chapter XI: Horsing Around in Kyrgyzstan

With a sigh of relief we passed into the no-mans land between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and with a bellow of excitement we took in the incredible scenery that was this no-mans land. No men, just mountains. And gophers. Between the two countries lies 20 miles of gorgeous mountain scenery. Behind you tower the snow-capped peaks […]

Chapter X: Pamir, There, and Everywhere

We made it to Khorog in the late morning, the official launching spot of the Pamir Highway. Hearing rumors of the impossibility of finding resources essential for survival in the desolate GBAO region, we stocked up on water and gasoline… and baby wipes and nutella. What we were most excited for in Khorog was the […]

Chapter IX: Hospitality Between A Mountain And A Hard Place (And The Hard Place is Afghanistan)

Sometimes goodbyes are harder than hellos. After driving through the night in shifts on our detour to find an open border crossing, we arrived at the Uzbekistan exit around 8 am, first in line and ready to go. The guards, however, were not – we were told to wait because the crew had “sport”. The […]

Chapter VIII: Uzbekistan (Un)limited

Thought the Global Goulets just stopped their blog posts after Turkmenistan? Thought wrong! Come cop a taste of the legendary Uzbeki delicacy, plov. And for a refresher on where we last left off, check out Chapter VII.   We woke up with the worst hangovers to date on our adventure. Eric was so massively dehydrated […]

Memories with Mend-Ooyo

Led by his assistant Munkhnaran, we eagerly tip-toed into the studio of Mend-Ooyo. We were incredibly lucky to earn this opportunity we knew, introduced to him by our friend Gabby’s mother Elaine, who’d met him while working for the New York Times. Hearing high praise from Mongolian friends we’d made in Ulaanbaatar, we knew we […]

Thank You!: A Job Well Dunn

Thanks entirely to your support, we just hand-delivered a check for $4,500 to the Well Dunn Foundation over dinner last night with Chris, Deborah, and Amanda Dunn in Atlanta! What a moving way to finish up our 3 months of world travel!   We also learned some truly inspiring stats about the Well Dunn Foundation’s […]

What’s Next? East.

What do you do when you’ve just driven 10,000+ miles across one-third of the world? The Goulets were faced with this question upon finally arriving in Ulan Bataar, Mongolia at the completion of the Mongol Rally. The answer: you keep going east until there’s no more world left to travel. That’s right – instead of […]

We Made It

Ulan Bataar, it’s great to see you. After 48 days on the road, we literally busted through the gates of the finish line to conquer Mongolia on two completely flat tires. Chinggis Khan, watch the F out! IT’S THE GLOBAL GOULETS! Thank you, world, for the tremendous support we’ve received along the way. What’s next for […]

Chapter VII: The Road to Hell is Paved with Potholes and Bureaucracy

Land Ho!   Waking up to the gentle sound of waves lapping against the side of our monolithic cargo ship, we peaked out the cabin window to see the sweltering coast of our next port of entry, Turkmenistan.   As we pulled up to the harbor, the ship’s wench, Frances, gathered all the ralliers and […]

Chapter VI: Busting it to Baku

Into Asia we go, with one goal in mind: hustle east as quickly as possible until we reach Baku, Azerbaijan, the launching pad for an erratic and unpredictable ferry ride across the Caspian Sea to Turkmenistan. So, we set out to cross 3 countries and 2 borders in 2 days, ideally arriving in time to […]

A Case Study: Mongol Rally Highs and Lows

Where last we left off, the Global Goulets were going truly global by expanding our adventure onward and eastward into the Asian side of Istanbul. Asia! A whole new continent to discover! We couldn’t contain our excitement.   As the careful reader has observed, the Mongol Rally represents an epic and ever unfolding series of […]

Did You Know? You Can Always Track Our Adventure on the Live Rally Map

  Did you know that even when we’re outside of Internetland you can still track our adventure on the live Adventurists Rally map? This provides the Goulet network the most up to date status of our global position. Bookmark it here:  http://www.tracking.theadventurists.com/#mongolrally/mongolrally2014/global-goulets/111180 #themoreyouknow #todayIlearned