Video Update 12/28 – Live from the MIDDLE OF THE WORLD!

Live from the Ecuator!

It’s a video update, live from the MIDDLE OF THE WORLD….. We’ve finally left our comfort hemisphere to take our first steps into the Southern Hemisphere – this morning, we crossed the equator! It’s the farthest south any of us have ever gone. This would be an even bigger deal, but our sights aren’t on […]


Video Update - It's Christmas!

It’s a Video Update – CHRISTMAS EDITION! We just finished up our salsa classes for the week and we are officially pros. Locked and loaded with our new dancing skills, we are spending our Christmas in the remote village San Cipriano, located somewhere in the jungle. Be careful you ladies of San Cipriano, we know […]

Video Update 11/10 – Motorcycling through the Northern Colombian Mountains

It’s a video update! Live from the backs of 4 motorcycles riding up through the cloud forests of the northern Colombian mountains! This week: – We finally crossed from Central to South America after 7 months, by way of a 50′ sailboat through the San Blas Islands from Panama to Colombia. Lobster and octopus and […]

Video Update 10/28 – Leaving our car behind in Panama City

Video update! This is a big one – you’ve caught us in the act of giving our car to our friend Rene here in Panama City, Panama! Wait WHAT??! Giving our car away? Umm… Yea, from now on the stuff you see on our backs here is all we have. In a few days we’ll […]

Video Update 9/7 – Live from the Costa Rican Border

In this video update, we take you to a far-too-normal but far-too-undocumented part of our trip – right in the middle of a border crossing. We’re not really sure if this is technically Nicaragua or Costa Rica, but it seemed like a damn good place to give an update: – We’ve wrapped up the bulk of […]

Global Goulets Video Update 8/30 – El Transito, Nicaragua

Hola! Live from El Transito, Nicaragua where the Goulets are celebrating 5 months on the road. Whoa. Wasn’t this supposed to be a 3 month trip? Here’s the latest: – We’re in our favorite little fishing village and finally enjoying being stagnant for a little while. Surfing, reading, loads and loads of video production, and […]

Global Goulets Video Update 8/15 – Palmares, Costa Rica

Live from Palmares, Costa Rica, where today is Dia de la Madre! Happy Mother’s Day, from Costa Rica. Here’s the latest: – We crossed into Costa Rica and hit the beaches of Tamarindo, where we got to spend time with our friends Charlie and Sabrina from NYC – We learned how to smoke tuna in […]

Global Goulets Video Update – 8/8, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

It’s the first ever Goulet video update! Live from sleeping in our in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Here’s the latest: – Eric has chocolate on his face from our surprise chocolate bar eaten 5 minutes before this video – We were generously gifted a NEW ALTERNATOR(!) directly flown from the U.S. by our friend […]