Chapter V: Meet the Turkish Superman

We woke up Wednesday morning in the same hot box we fell asleep in, realizing that no, the previous day was not a nightmare, but real life: we still didn’t have our car registration, our car was nearly undriveable due to a shot clutch, and we were all outrageously groggy from the worst night sleep […]

Chapter IV: Bulgarian Blues

Warning: the next segment of the Goulets adventures is filled with low moments of anguish that may cause you to swell up with sympathy. Please keep in mind that our fortunes do inevitably turn around, making future joyful moments of jubilance that much more satisfying. Until then, buckle your seatbelts… We spent the morning after […]

Goulets, Meet Stans

    Hello. You guys still there? Okay, we are too. Just letting you know that we’ve hit the ‘Stans and internet is now just an old friend we fondly remember while trying to navigate Turkmeni desert roads. Since last we spoke we’ve had a long voyage across the Caspian Sea by ferry, experienced incredible Turkmenistan […]

Chapter III: Inside Magical Romania

Day 5. It was Thursday and your Global Goulets were now in what appeared to be a committed relationship with our friends, Breaking Khan, aka the other Eric Alex and Brida (Brian + Ida = Brida). We got an extremely late start to the day after a wifi pit stop transformed into a full blown […]

Chapter II: Czech Republic to Austria

Driving into Czech Republic granted Eric and Brian the opportunity to brush up on our basic Czech language skills learned 4 years ago while abroad in Prague. But our minimal Czech retention didn’t stop us from busting out some very impressive “dobry dens,” “taks,” and vebornyes!” We were just 20 kilometers short of the famed […]

Chapter I: The Launch – London, England to Wurzberg, Germany

The boys are off! After tireless days of preparation, last second procrastination and a hint of panic, we packed the car to the brim and left our little flat in Brixton to join the rest of the Mongol Rally pack for the Launch Party at Battersea Park. Dressed in our finest Robert Goulet getup – […]

Thank you!

Wowzas! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to the more than 75+ supporters of our campaign who provided over $7,600! That is more than double our fundraising expectations, and with our OutwildTV sponsorship we’ve blown past our fundraising goal! Our team and our charities share a tremendous gratitude for the amazing support we have received. Thank you to all for making […]

Charity Spotlight: The Well Dunn Foundation

There’s only  3 days left to donate to our campaign!   The Well Dunn Foundation is a non-profit organization set up in memory of a young woman named Emily Dunn, and is the primary focus of our fundraising efforts. Its mission is to support the ambitions of new professionals interested in the entertainment business. The […]

Goulet in the UK

One week down, one week to go until launch! Thank you to everyone who has donated! We have now raised over $6,500! All further donations will benefit the Well Dunn Foundation. You can donate at Please do so. It’s the way of the Goulet! ————– Over the past week, we have been exploring the […]

Welcome OutWildTV!

Breaking news from Goulet Headquarters! We are pumped to announce a partnership with OutWildTV, an adventure-loving production company that will be helping us document our journey through the good and the ugly. What this means for OutWildTV: They’ll be training us to be video pros and hooking us up with cameras and gear, so that […]