Podcast Episode 9: How to Have an Unforgettable Travel Experience

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How did we end up throwing candy and plastic home goods off the roof of a Mexican church at women and children down below? What did we do to convince a Nicaraguan pizza man to sleep in his front yard? Why did a family of Mongolian nomads give us several bottles of horse milk vodka?

If you have any interest in learning to live like Goulet (or just understanding more about how to live on the road), listen to our new podcast, Episode 009: How to Have An Unforgettable Travel Experience

The other day Eric woke up at 4am to go with a small fishing crew out into the Pacific Ocean to see what it’s like to be a fisherman in the small village of El Transito, Nicaragua. When he got back, we had dinner with a family who cooked up some of that fish for us, along with some delicious platanos, salsa, and rice.

This was an insane experience, but it’s not an uncommon one for us (in terms of it’s ridiculousness). We are constantly finding ourselves in crazy situations. We always thought we were just getting lucky. Then we thought about it and realized there’s actually a hidden process we’ve been following.

In this podcast, we teach you that hidden process using the fishing adventure as a guide.


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