How to Make a Travel Video That Doesn’t Suck

Stuck in the mud in remote Bolivia

Your vacation is awesome. And you probably want to capture that awesomeness, and make a lifelong souvenir out of that awesomeness, that you’ll watch and cherish and show your kids for years. But if you’ve ever tried to film your vacation, you might’ve realized by now that you’ve never actually watched any of those videos. […]

Our Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Gear

  We’ve spent the last 2 years traveling through every situation – wild camping, dirty hostels, extreme heat, extreme cold. Our recommended gear list is hard-earned through personal experience and the experiences of other veteran travelers we’ve met on the road. We’ve learned the expensive stuff is not always the best stuff – in fact, many of […]

Embrace Travel Without Fear

Travel without fear

Enter your email below and start restoring your faith in humanity   Our goal is to embrace travel without fear of that which is foreign. Without fear of people who are different. Sign up for our newsletter to keep your sense of travel alive. As travelers, we are as alarmed as anyone by the recent order […]

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it most

Sometimes you think to yourself, “how could things get any damn worse!” You’re in a bind. No, you’re between a rock and a hard place. No – you’re just plain screwed. If you feel like you have an impossible project or goal ahead of you that you just can’t get done on your own, read on and you’ll […]

Spontaneous dance parties on the Afghanistan border

Remind yourself of a horrible situation you’ve been in. This will put yourself in the right frame of mind to set yourself up for a great weekend. We know that sounds crazy, but just bare with us… Story Time We were in the middle of the dangerous GBAO region of Tajikistan. The US State Department […]

Top 7 Street Food Experiences From Latin America

Steak in Buenos Aires

During our journey through Latin America from NYC to Argentina, street food was king. Not just because we were broke (although, yes, we were broke). Street food truly offers tourists the best and quickest way to enjoy a taste of local cuisine. Here’s a countdown of our top street food experiences on the road.    […]

Your New Years Resolution to Travel in 2017

  You need travel motivation for 2017.   “I’ve always wanted to go to _____________. It’s just never been the right time.” You’ve all heard this line before. And you’ve always had a great travel plan in mind. One week navigating the cultural maze of Japan. A five-day hike to magical Machu Picchu. Two weeks gallivanting […]

The World Lost Its Mind in 2016, But These 17 Travelers Kept Their Cool

  If you followed world news in 2016, you might have gotten the impression that the apocalypse is near. But we are here to tell you that all is not lost! In fact, the beauty of humanity and life blissfully abounds in all corners of our wonderful planet. We asked influential voices from around the travel […]

Rally by the Numbers

Okay, it was a big trip, but we’ve crunched the numbers. Here are some stats on how the whole thing went down, for the data nerds: Total days on the road: 381 Total countries: 14 Total miles: 26,071 Avg. miles driven per day: 91 Total driving days: 160 Total nights camping outdoors: 147 Avg. food […]

Choosing Love in the Face of Fear

It appears that we’re living in a time that’s increasingly controlled by people who tell us we need to shut ourselves off. We need to close our borders, lock our doors, buy guns, build walls, trust nobody. It appears that we’re living in a time that’s increasingly driven by a media that happily feeds our […]

Velita’s Adventures Continue

Tom & Velita

It’s official- we’ve sold Velita to this man, Tom, an awesome dude who promises to continue to adventure with her throughout South America for the next year. We could not be more excited to leave this little lady in such great hands and to keep the dream alive. Follow Tom @floatypings to see where he […]

After College: Why Travel Is Right For Your Career

Can young, career-oriented Americans benefit from the European custom of extended travel before entering the workforce? Young, career-oriented Americans don’t travel. Sure, we enjoy hard-earned one to two week vacations, short respites from our work, but do we really see the world? As exciting as a vacation to some wonder of the world like Machu […]

How to Guarantee Yourself an Authentic Travel Experience: A Methodology for Better Travel

This article also published on Heading out to sea with a Nicaraguan fishing crew at 4am. Building a yurt with a family of nomads on the Mongolian steppe. Cruising around town looking for grub with a Guatemalan mechanic. In the past year we’ve been to over 25 countries. We have a lot of travel […]

The “Murder Capital of the World” That Isn’t – A Visit to San Pedro Sula

This article is also published on Don’t Go To Honduras This is what we were told by countless travelers, websites, guide books, friends and family, and we took it to heart. When planning our drive from NYC to Argentina, we planned to spend as little time as possible in Honduras. Along the way something […]

21 Things You’ll Never Read About Mexico When You’re Living in America (Until Now)

View at Before we began our drive from NYC to Argentina, we considered completely skipping over Mexico because we were terrified by endless news reports of constant violence. Our plan was to fly to Guatemala, buy a car, and start driving from there. After speaking to some travelers, we decided to start our drive […]

Sometimes It’s Not Our Story to Tell

The Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico embody a powerful story of unflinching pride, struggle, and resistance. But you won’t hear it from us. When we pulled into San Cristobal de las Casas deep in Southern Mexico, we set out hunting for a story. We’re on a mission, after all, to drive from NYC to Argentina and film […]

The Mongol Rally: What We Learned

We’ve had some time to think since getting back from Ulaanbaatar. We’re always being asked about our best experiences, and more importantly, what we learned out there. So here are some thoughts, in no particular order, for those who feel inspired to embark on their next adventure: This was no vacation. The Rally was a […]

The Communist Gouletfesto

Underlying our adventures is the basic fact that the 3 Global Goulets share everything. I will now attempt to list all things we’ve communized: – Sleeping Quarters: whether in our shithole discounted tent, inside of the cramped Auto Goulet, or in dorm-style hostels, we spend not a night more than a foot apart. – All […]