Global Goulets Video Update 8/30 – El Transito, Nicaragua

Hola! Live from El Transito, Nicaragua where the Goulets are celebrating 5 months on the road. Whoa. Wasn’t this supposed to be a 3 month trip?

Here’s the latest:
– We’re in our favorite little fishing village and finally enjoying being stagnant for a little while. Surfing, reading, loads and loads of video production, and getting to know the ins and outs of this small but thriving community
– We’re making a series of videos to showcase NICA, a non-profit organization doing great work in the community, while staying at the lovely SOLID Surf & Adventure
– Our car remains in the parking lot as we look for a buyer (but at least we had a great time cleaning it). We’re still looking to trade to a different car driven by fellow overlanders from California to Costa Rica, and dealing with the paperwork headache now
– If our video production goes according to plan (has it ever?), we’ll aim to leave the comforts of El Transito and continue on our mission ever-southward by the end of this week

Until next time, Goulet!

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