Top 7 Street Food Experiences From Latin America

Steak in Buenos Aires

During our journey through Latin America from NYC to Argentina, street food was king. Not just because we were broke (although, yes, we were broke). Street food truly offers tourists the best and quickest way to enjoy a taste of local cuisine. Here’s a countdown of our top street food experiences on the road.    […]

Global Goulets Featured in La Prensa, Honduras’ #1 Newspaper

Our recent article, “The Murder Capital of the World That Isn’t”, made a big splash around Honduras and on the interwebs. But in case you’d prefer to read the article in Spanish, or just want to test your Spanish skillz, La Prensa, Honduras’ #1 newspaper, has translated the article and published it in print and […]

The “Murder Capital of the World” That Isn’t – A Visit to San Pedro Sula

This article is also published on Don’t Go To Honduras This is what we were told by countless travelers, websites, guide books, friends and family, and we took it to heart. When planning our drive from NYC to Argentina, we planned to spend as little time as possible in Honduras. Along the way something […]

Thank You to Everyone Who Helped Us Wish Walter a Happy Birthday!

Hey Goulets, Yesterday, August 7th, was our dear friend Walter’s birthday. We reached out to you all for help in wishing him a happy birthday, and you responded with more enthusiasm than we could have possibly imagined. Walter told us that the video was the best thing that happened to him on his birthday, and […]

Chapter 22: A Goulette in Honduras

The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from July 2 to July 9 (Days 93 – 100) Story Highlights: Brazilian Amanda joins us as the 4th Goulet, adding some fresh perspective Playing with a jaguar leads us to discover it isn’t all fun and games in Trujillo On July 4th, Eric gets attacked by a […]

Chapter 21: Cast Away to Cayos Cochinos

Note: As the nature of our journey evolves, so does the form through which we will transmit and retell this narrative. Days, as unique and isolated entities, become rather immaterial. Instead, our tale has become a series of interwoven mini stories; it is set apart primarily by the people and places we’ve met along the […]

Chapter 20: Searching for the “Real Honduras”

The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from June 15 – June 22 Story Highlights: Once in Honduras without dying, we go behind the raging waterfalls at Pulhalpanzak The Murder Capital of the World, San Pedro Sula, isn’t all that scary We produce a Honduran music video for our friend Walter, then go birdwatching with him   […]