Chapter 7: Charlie and the Car Show Factory

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from April 18 – 20: Day 18 – By the time we really got ourselves going in Mexico City, we had to face a tough question: would it be worth driving 5 hours back north to Guanajuato for Charlie’s car show? What made the decision even more difficult […]

Podcast Episode 3: Lusty Luchadors, Small Town Celebrations & a Moment of Gratitude

In this episode of 7 Minutes with the Goulets (we round 9.5 minutes down to 7 minutes in this podcast) we take you inside Arena Mexico, teach you about the crafts and customs of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, discover peanut butter, and have a moment of gratitude. In this weekly audio stream we’ll give you […]

Chapter 6: Once Upon a Time in Mexico City

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from April 15 – 18: Day 15 and 16 – We made the 7-hour drive to Mexico City (it was supposed to be 4…) and arrived to town as the sun was coming down. It had been about 3 weeks since we were in New York, so […]

Chapter 5: A Tale of Two Guanajuatos

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from April 13 – 14: Day 13 – In beautiful Guanajuato, we woke up early in the day to head back into el centro, where Alex had planned to film the roasting process of coffee beans at a local cafe. All went according to plan, and when it […]

Chapter 4: Passport Problems

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from April 11 – 12: Day 11 – In Zacatecas, we got ourselves together rather successfully in the morning, proudly packing our bags without sitting around aimlessly (Alex was so proud!) and got out of town at a reasonable hour. Our budget constraints conversation from the night […]

Livin la Vida Lucha

AND IN A ROUSING UPSET, THE MERCILESS EL TERRIBLE IS TAKEN DOWN BY OUR THREE MASKED HEROES, LOS GLOBAL GOULETS!! *The crowd goes wild* If you find yourself passing through Mexico (we hope you do!), you can learn a lot about the last 50 years of Mexican culture and have a damn good time by […]

Podcast Episode 2: Music, Mercados, and Ancient Ruins

Check out the second episode of our weekly podcast, 7 Minutes with the Goulets, where we take you all around vibrant Mexico City. Through the use of storytelling and extensive soundscapes, we bring you the various sounds of the street musicians, through some pretty interesting (read: sketchy) markets, and around the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan. Every tourist […]

Chapter 3: Zesty Zacatecas

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from April 9 – 10: Day 9 ­– We woke up having no clue where our next destination would be. We thought San Miguel de Allende, but that was 8 hours away and we wanted to avoid the prospect of driving in the dark at all […]

Chapter 2: Fear and Loathing in Monterrey

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from April 7 – 8: Day 7 – We thought we’d be on the road towards Loredo by late morning, but of course we didn’t leave Austin until 4pm. So, we drove through Southern Texas and saw the scorching sun slowly scoot across the sky and out […]

Her Name is Santa Maria

In 1492, the story goes, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue en route to his discovery of Latin America. He took a fleet of 3 ships: the Nina, the Pinta, and of course, the Santa Maria. We Goulets find ourselves on a similar adventure, out to discover the Latin American world and the treasures it […]

Hello Mr. Mathis’ 4th Grade Class!

The Global Goulets team has grown. Big hello to Mr. Mathis’ 4th grade class from Austin, TX and welcome to our adventure! Mr. Mathis’ class of extraordinarily charming achievers will be following our trip and using our destinations as a basis for their curriculum across several subjects – math (if the Goulets drove to Guanajuato […]

The First Time You Eat a Bolo

There’s a phenomenon happening in the kitchen, and you don’t know anything about it. In a modest home kitchen in Austin, TX, two culinary adventurers have carefully crafted the most important accomplishment in food since Doritos Locos Tacos. They’ve created the Bolo. The Bolo has the basic ingredients of a breakfast taco, but is baked […]

Podcast Episode I: Lost Passports, Mexican Jail, and a Baby Goat

It’s a big day for the Goulets!   Today we are launching the first episode of our weekly podcast, 7 Minutes with the Goulets. It’s our latest and greatest way of connecting with you and bringing you the world while we’re on the road.   In this weekly audio stream we’ll give you a unique, real, and […]

Chapter 1: The Goulets Do America

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from March 31 – April 6: The Night Before – Oh, we’re going on a road trip for the next many months? You’d hardly know based on our level of preparedness and packedness. It was about 5pm on the eve of our departure from New York when we […]

We’re Off: The Rally to the End of the World has Begun!

It’s good to have a gig again, Johnny. After months of planning we’ve launched this early spring morning from NYC. Of course we grabbed some bagels and schmear before hitting the road. We’re packed for the months ahead and every kind of weather known to man. Who knows how long we’ll be gone or what […]

Departure Date Set: April 1st!

The Rally to the End of the World begins!! After months of planning, we’ll be departing NYC on April 1st, 2015. As always, stay tuned as our adventure unfolds. We’ll have live GPS tracking and a loud presence across social media (@globalgoulets). The departure date is approaching fast, so make sure to catch up with […]

Introducing Our 4th Teammate

We’ve found her! Please welcome our beautiful 2001 Nissan Xterra to the party. We found her at a used car lot in NJ and she’ll be joining us for the epic trek down south (she has no idea what’s coming). Key stats: Year: 2001 Mileage: 134,000 miles Color: Forest green Transmission: Automatic Windows: 4, but the back two are […]

The Mongol Rally: What We Learned

We’ve had some time to think since getting back from Ulaanbaatar. We’re always being asked about our best experiences, and more importantly, what we learned out there. So here are some thoughts, in no particular order, for those who feel inspired to embark on their next adventure: This was no vacation. The Rally was a […]

The Communist Gouletfesto

Underlying our adventures is the basic fact that the 3 Global Goulets share everything. I will now attempt to list all things we’ve communized: – Sleeping Quarters: whether in our shithole discounted tent, inside of the cramped Auto Goulet, or in dorm-style hostels, we spend not a night more than a foot apart. – All […]

An Ode to the Auto Goulet

She went through a lot. For any of us involved, it was probably the most volatile relationship we’d ever had. There were moods, there were rough patches, even for days at a time. But our baby got us there. She got us to Mongolia. An oral history of the Auto Goulet’s epic 10,000 mile death […]

Chapter XV: All Roads Lead to Ulaanbaatar

In the morning we awoke to wonderfully warming sunlight, nestled in the Mongolian mountainside along a charmingly fresh flowing stream, beside a family of peacefully grazing yaks. Just your typical start to a Mongol Rally day. After our unconventional contribution to the Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon, we packed up the tent, changed our torn tires […]

Chapter XIV: The Joys and Joy of Mongolia

Mongolia. We made it. Yet this by no means meant we’d arrived at the finish line. On the contrary, the weeklong battle that ensued with this ferocious final battleground provided a test of our wills and to our hopes of making it to the red tape on the other side. You see, the distance from […]

Chapter XIII: A Ride Through Russia

We approached Russia timidly. This would be the 18th country on our pilgrimage and only the second to last to our destination. We were border warriors at this point. But Russia – all summer we’d been hearing about tensions between our kind and their kind at an all-time post-Cold War high. Each Internet check-in we’d […]

Has anyone seen our postcards??

We sent over 65 postcards from Mongolia more than 3.5 months ago…. We crossed all our i’s and dotted all our t’s, and used our best and biggest handwriting to plaster those things with “USA!” No really, here’s proof. Thanks to the ol’ reliable Mongolian pony express, we haven’t heard of anyone receiving one of […]

Chapter XII: A Kazakh Quest

Where’s Alex? This was always the question haunting Brian and Eric when they’d tasted freedom on the other side of a border. You see, Alex was technically the owner of our precious Auto Goulet according to the holy V5 car registration, so he would always take the car through daunting border crossings, while Brian and […]