Global Goulets Video Update 8/15 – Palmares, Costa Rica

Live from Palmares, Costa Rica, where today is Dia de la Madre! Happy Mother’s Day, from Costa Rica.

Here’s the latest:
– We crossed into Costa Rica and hit the beaches of Tamarindo, where we got to spend time with our friends Charlie and Sabrina from NYC
– We learned how to smoke tuna in its can with toilet paper for cheap dinner with our travel companion David
– A 20 year reunion in the making. We tracked down Eric’s babysitter Louisa in gorgeous Palmares, Costa Rica. Although Louisa left the US in 1995, it’s like no time has passed. We’ve spent the week in time-outs, eating Louisa’s oversized home-cooked food, and exploring the town and family farm with Louisa and her very special family. Pura vida!
– We’re looking to jump ships and trade cars. We’ll be heading back to Tamarindo with our eyes on a 1991 Chevy.
– Tomorrow we go BACK to Nicaragua, where we’ll continue making videos to promote the great work of the NICA Foundation
– Our new alternator works and our car is still moving!

Pura vida! See you next week.

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