How to Make a Travel Video That Doesn’t Suck

Stuck in the mud in remote Bolivia

Your vacation is awesome. And you probably want to capture that awesomeness, and make a lifelong souvenir out of that awesomeness, that you’ll watch and cherish and show your kids for years. But if you’ve ever tried to film your vacation, you might’ve realized by now that you’ve never actually watched any of those videos. […]

Spontaneous dance parties on the Afghanistan border

Remind yourself of a horrible situation you’ve been in. This will put yourself in the right frame of mind to set yourself up for a great weekend. We know that sounds crazy, but just bare with us… Story Time We were in the middle of the dangerous GBAO region of Tajikistan. The US State Department […]

Chapter 14: Sojourn to Semuc Champay

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from May 11 – 13: Day 41 – By Monday in the late afternoon, our car was refreshed and in better condition than it had been since long before we’d bought it a few months back, thanks to our new mechanic friends in Fray de las […]