Embrace Travel Without Fear

Travel without fear

Enter your email below and start restoring your faith in humanity   Our goal is to embrace travel without fear of that which is foreign. Without fear of people who are different. Sign up for our newsletter to keep your sense of travel alive. As travelers, we are as alarmed as anyone by the recent order […]

A Case Study: Mongol Rally Highs and Lows

Where last we left off, the Global Goulets were going truly global by expanding our adventure onward and eastward into the Asian side of Istanbul. Asia! A whole new continent to discover! We couldn’t contain our excitement.   As the careful reader has observed, the Mongol Rally represents an epic and ever unfolding series of […]

Chapter V: Meet the Turkish Superman

We woke up Wednesday morning in the same hot box we fell asleep in, realizing that no, the previous day was not a nightmare, but real life: we still didn’t have our car registration, our car was nearly undriveable due to a shot clutch, and we were all outrageously groggy from the worst night sleep […]