The World Lost Its Mind in 2016, But These 17 Travelers Kept Their Cool

  If you followed world news in 2016, you might have gotten the impression that the apocalypse is near. But we are here to tell you that all is not lost! In fact, the beauty of humanity and life blissfully abounds in all corners of our wonderful planet. We asked influential voices from around the travel […]

Chapter 40: Cuy Cuisine and a Titicaca Tour

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from February 8 – 12: A day of recuperation and preventative car repairs in Cusco extinguished our visual hangovers after bearing witness to that Incan world wonder. In our hostel, Ecopackers, we spoiled our beleaguered bodies with hot showers and then at a market at the edge of […]

Chapter 39: A Mystical Path to Machu Picchu

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from January 23 – February 7: Story Highlights: Inca magic grasps a hold on us A long road ahead to Machu Picchu begins The Salkantay Trek is unlike any other Making it to Machu Picchu Reflections   Inca Magic Our expedition through the mountainous northern highlands […]

Chapter 38: Thirty Minutes to Sunset

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from January 16 – 22: Our road map is simply a joke. This navigational atlas is set to a scale of one to 4 million. What does this mean exactly? It means that for each stretch of several hundred miles, the map represents a fingernail’s length […]

Chapter 37: Five Days to Kuelap

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from January 7 – 15: Sometimes road trips take a little longer than anticipated. Usually it’s a few hours longer, at times even a full day. But by some inconceivable stretch of the imagination, our expedition from Quito, Ecuador to the mountainous ruins of Kuelap, Peru, […]