Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it most

Sometimes you think to yourself, “how could things get any damn worse!”

You’re in a bind. No, you’re between a rock and a hard place. No – you’re just plain screwed.

If you feel like you have an impossible project or goal ahead of you that you just can’t get done on your own, read on and you’ll see the most difficult challenge we faced in our travels followed by some friendly advice on how to solve your toughest problems…

Story Time!

On our ROAD TRIP from NYC to Argentina, we entered Colombia WITHOUT A CAR

This was our situation 1/2-way into our journey to the end of the world: 10 bags, thousands of dollars worth of film equipment, thousands of dollars of emergency money in cash, and absolutely no plan.

We had to dump our car in Panama. It was no longer drivable. The rust had eaten it away.

Ok – so eventually we came up with a plan…
We were to take a series of buses and cabs (and long walks with all of our crap through crowded cities) from Colombia’s Caribbean coast to it’s capital city, Bogota. That’s where we were going to buy a new car.

Imagine walking through the streets of a country infamous for its crime history, 3 gringos without a clue, and just praying we wouldn’t get robbed or worse…

Instead, with some hard work and a lotta luck – we solved our car problem.

After an insane amount of help from the famously friendly Colombian people (Here’s a link to our video about why we love Colombia!), we purchased a Toyota Land Cruiser that we lovingly named “Velita” and drove off towards Argentina and The End of the World.

This Week’s Life Tip:

As you think about that mighty task you might have ahead of you, here’s a friendly piece of Nowhere Men advice:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it most. 

Rally on!
Alex, Brian & Eric

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