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Travel without fear

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Our goal is to embrace travel without fear of that which is foreign. Without fear of people who are different. Sign up for our newsletter to keep your sense of travel alive.

As travelers, we are as alarmed as anyone by the recent order to ban people from entering our country because of their religion.

So, here’s what we’re going to do:

We are going to show – not tell – that there is real beauty in this world. That people across this planet are good. That the best way to understand others from different cultures and backgrounds is to go out and meet them.

See the world. Let’s not hide. Let’s not be afraid.


Let’s embrace the wonder of travel.


We’ve been wondering if we come across as tone deaf right now on Facebook or across social media.

As you scroll through your Facebook feed, it’s one political protest post after the next. People are coming together in magical ways to fight the evil and ignorance that has taken control of our government.

And then you scroll to a post from us about beautiful Honduras, or incredible Colombia, or out-of-this-world Mongolia.


But ya know what? I think we’re on to something.


Let’s rise up. Let’s fight. Let’s foster this community of travelers and encourage our friends not to cower in the face of evil.

Since we started traveling, we’ve been amazed at how excited people have been to meet us as Americans.

To give you an idea of just how worried we were, when we started the Mongol Rally we planned to tell everyone we met that we were Canadians! We were so wrong. People loved Americans.

But things are changing fast.

It will be difficult to travel as an American over the next 4 years. Our friend Mickela reminded us of that yesterday. When you visit a foreign country as an American, people will automatically equate you with Trump. It’s inevitable.

But we are not him. And he is not us.

The best way to convince the world that America is still a beacon of hope and inclusion is to go be an ambassador. Go travel.


You will learn so much. And you can teach so much, too.


This is only the beginning. We’re going to keep pushing this message. Our goal is to inspire travel for everyone.

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