2018 Resolution: Tell your story

2018 Resolution: Tell your story!

Stop thinking about it.

Stop questioning it.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to abandon any hesitations you have and share your story, your voice, your unique perspective on life, with the world.

You can add real value to people, even if you don’t know it yet.

The internet is growing more and more faceless. You can purchase everything you need on Amazon without having a single human interaction. You can get your news and opinions from a bot in Russia. You can invest all your money in a currency you’ll never actually see, because the internet community says so.

But hasn’t 2017 also shown us that the more individual voices we hear, the better?

Sharing your story is powerful, and can slice through the anonymity and automation of the internet.

It can connect you, authentically, to global audiences. It can get thousands of people rooting for your cause. It can convey messages and feelings far more real than reading some anonymous stats in a news story. And it can provide real value to your new followers.

As the Nowhere Men, we‘ve traveled the world sharing the stories of everyday people doing amazing things, each week on our Facebook page. We believe that everybody has a story to tell — and we’ve yet to be proven wrong.

People tell us all the time, “I don’t think I have a story” or “Why would anyone be interested in me?”

If you’re an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, you’re already doing something that’s inspiring to millions. You’ve also got something that Amazon can never compete with — a face and a story. Use it. Telling your story is a powerful way to create an authentic relationship with your customers, and let them root for you.

If you’ve got any kind of passion, there’s an audience that knows exactly how you feel and wants to hear about it. There’s always a community of like-minded people who can really use your insights.

If you’ve got an opinion, sharing your voice is a whole lot more powerful than sharing someone else’s.

If you do literally the same thing, day in and day out, guess what — that’s interesting to someone, too.

On any given day of our yearlong drive through Latin America, we’d stumble into a bakery in a small town where a quiet lady had been making the same empanadas for 40 years. To her, she was just having another boring day. To us, she was a fascinating master at her craft. People were constantly amazed, and flattered, that we would take an interest in them.

You may not see it, but you’ve got a story to tell and an audience waiting. Ask your friends and family to describe you, and be amazed by what they see. Often you don’t know your own story as well until you can see yourself from someone else’s shoes.

Then SHARE your story — through videos on Facebook or Youtube, through writing here on Medium, through Instagram, through going out into the street and yelling at people. Turn your insights into actionable tidbits. Turn your experiences into advice. Turn your story into something people can learn from.

Your voice and your story are powerful.

We’re all listening.

We help people tell their own stories through videos that are designed to be valued and shared. We also have our own page where we share the stories of amazing people we meet around NYC and the world. If you’re interested in learning how to tell your own story better, reach out to us at [email protected].

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