How to be a better man? A Challenge from Dan Doty of Evryman

  Vulnerability… Ugh Vulnerability has been a buzzword ever since Brene Brown’s TED talk, The Power of Vulnerability.  They say vulnerability is the key to romantic relationships, friendships, leadership, all the ships.  And for a long time, I believed them.  So I worked hard on learning to be vulnerable. In my relationships, in my friendships, […]

Introducing Out In My Mind – An Experimental Psychology Series

Out In My Mind by the Nowhere Men

Out In My Mind started with a simple question: what if we had access to the best psychologists, coaches, and therapists from around the world and they were willing to provide us with their best advice?  What would we do with that information? I’ve been obsessed with the world of psychology and personal development ever […]

How to rescue 1,000 dogs a year and get them adopted into a warm home

Stating the Problem – Where Does Your Adopted Rescue Dog Come From? The southern US has a stray animal problem. Dogs roam the streets, surviving off whatever they can, producing litters of puppies that make the problem even worse. Why does this problem exist? A few reasons. The main problem is low spay and neuter […]

Chapter 52: On the Road to the End of the World

  The following post details the Nowhere Men’s journey from April 13 – April 15: In the final days of our trip, as we tip-toed to Tierra del Fuego, the Land of Fire, we let all that we’d seen and done sink in. A couple of nights left sleeping in the car fazed us not […]

The Global Goulets are now the Nowhere Men!

Nowhere Men

Over 2 years ago, when the 3 of us friends started planning our summer drive from London to Mongolia, the name Global Goulets came to Alex in a dream based on an old inside joke from college. It’s been 2 years, 32 countries, and 30,000+ miles, and we had no idea our decision to take […]