Spontaneous dance parties on the Afghanistan border

Remind yourself of a horrible situation you’ve been in.

This will put yourself in the right frame of mind to set yourself up for a great weekend. We know that sounds crazy, but just bare with us…

Story Time

We were in the middle of the dangerous GBAO region of Tajikistan. The US State Department had highly advised against travel through this region. And we were starting to understand why…

Our car had just broken down. We weren’t sure how much longer it would last. We had to exit the country in the next 3 days or risk facing a Tajik prison. We were right on the border with Afghanistan.

Everything was stacked against us. Things were bad.

Suddenly, a piece of our GoPro popped out. We stopped the car to search for it.

You’d think at this point we’d all be pissed off. But we weren’t. Instead, we danced.

That’s right, we danced!

We had a spontaneous dance party to Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good.”

And like they say, when you think positive, good things happen.

Not less than 3 hours later were we invited to a Baby Naming party in a tiny village called Rushan. They were so thrilled to see Americans that they named us guests of honor. We gave a speech. It was nuts.

And again- all of this happened JUST A STONE’S THROW AWAY FROM AFGHANISTAN.

The point is: when you stay positive, good things happen.

Because no matter how down on your luck you’re feeling, at least you aren’t dealing with a broken down car in the middle of nowhere, a few paces away from Afghanistan.

That’s just some friendly advice from your friendly Nowhere Men.

Rally on!
Brian, Alex & Eric

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