Rally by the Numbers

Okay, it was a big trip, but we’ve crunched the numbers. Here are some stats on how the whole thing went down, for the data nerds:

Total days on the road: 381
Total countries: 14
Total miles: 26,071
Avg. miles driven per day: 91
Total driving days: 160
Total nights camping outdoors: 147
Avg. food cost/day: $24.12 (combined for 3 of us)
Avg. lodging cost/day: $8.75 (combined for 3 of us)

Avg. gas price: $3.28/gal
Cheapest gas: Ecuador, $1.48/gal
Most expensive gas: Costa Rica, $4.44/gal
Total gas pit stops: 154

Total spent on tolls: $383.39
Total spent on mechanics: $2,532.51

You can dig a bit deeper and play around with these numbers on the stats dashboard right on our homepage.

total daystotal milesNights camping$ per gallon$ Lodging per dayrally mapmiles per day


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