21 Things You’ll Never Read About Mexico When You’re Living in America (Until Now)

View at Medium.com Before we began our drive from NYC to Argentina, we considered completely skipping over Mexico because we were terrified by endless news reports of constant violence. Our plan was to fly to Guatemala, buy a car, and start driving from there. After speaking to some travelers, we decided to start our drive […]

Chapter 4: Passport Problems

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from April 11 – 12: Day 11 – In Zacatecas, we got ourselves together rather successfully in the morning, proudly packing our bags without sitting around aimlessly (Alex was so proud!) and got out of town at a reasonable hour. Our budget constraints conversation from the night […]

Chapter 3: Zesty Zacatecas

  The following post details the Global Goulets’ journey from April 9 – 10: Day 9 ­– We woke up having no clue where our next destination would be. We thought San Miguel de Allende, but that was 8 hours away and we wanted to avoid the prospect of driving in the dark at all […]

Podcast Episode I: Lost Passports, Mexican Jail, and a Baby Goat

It’s a big day for the Goulets!   Today we are launching the first episode of our weekly podcast, 7 Minutes with the Goulets. It’s our latest and greatest way of connecting with you and bringing you the world while we’re on the road.   In this weekly audio stream we’ll give you a unique, real, and […]