Video Update - It's Christmas!

It’s a Video Update – CHRISTMAS EDITION!

We just finished up our salsa classes for the week and we are officially pros. Locked and loaded with our new dancing skills, we are spending our Christmas in the remote village San Cipriano, located somewhere in the jungle. Be careful you ladies of San Cipriano, we know how to vuelta and cha cha (these are salsa dance moves) and we’re not afraid to use it.

Hey, wait a minute, who’s that other guy in the video with us?? That would be our good friend and Mongol Rally-inspiration Jeremy. He’ll be with us into the new year, which we plan to celebrate in Ecuador.

Did we say Ecuador??? That’s right! After almost 2 months in Colombia, a new country looms on the horizon. We are moving at full speed now and ready to explore unchartered territory. We love you Colombia, but rallying on is in our DNA.

Once again, Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad to our amigos back at home, across Latin America and throughout the world.

Hey you! Thanks for reading.

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