Chapter XV: All Roads Lead to Ulaanbaatar

In the morning we awoke to wonderfully warming sunlight, nestled in the Mongolian mountainside along a charmingly fresh flowing stream, beside a family of peacefully grazing yaks. Just your typical start to a Mongol Rally day. After our unconventional contribution to the Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon, we packed up the tent, changed our torn tires […]

Chapter XIV: The Joys and Joy of Mongolia

Mongolia. We made it. Yet this by no means meant we’d arrived at the finish line. On the contrary, the weeklong battle that ensued with this ferocious final battleground provided a test of our wills and to our hopes of making it to the red tape on the other side. You see, the distance from […]

Memories with Mend-Ooyo

Led by his assistant Munkhnaran, we eagerly tip-toed into the studio of Mend-Ooyo. We were incredibly lucky to earn this opportunity we knew, introduced to him by our friend Gabby’s mother Elaine, who’d met him while working for the New York Times. Hearing high praise from Mongolian friends we’d made in Ulaanbaatar, we knew we […]

We Made It

Ulan Bataar, it’s great to see you. After 48 days on the road, we literally busted through the gates of the finish line to conquer Mongolia on two completely flat tires. Chinggis Khan, watch the F out! IT’S THE GLOBAL GOULETS! Thank you, world, for the tremendous support we’ve received along the way. What’s next for […]