Her Name is Santa Maria

In 1492, the story goes, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue en route to his discovery of Latin America. He took a fleet of 3 ships: the Nina, the Pinta, and of course, the Santa Maria.

We Goulets find ourselves on a similar adventure, out to discover the Latin American world and the treasures it beholds. For a long time we struggled with what to call our miniaturized (but equally noble) fleet, our 2001 Nissan Xterra. But after 9 days on the Rally, we finally have a name for her.

Her name is Santa Maria. Her namesake’s legendary roots pay homage to the ultimate Latin American adventure. With Santa Maria beneath us, we’ll take on the pavement seas and leave our settled lands for an exotic new world (but instead of enslaving and torturing its natives, we’ll probably just sample its foods and lifestyles).

She has gotten us from inner New Jersey to deep inner Mexico, and we’re only getting started. When the Rally to the End of the World concludes, Santa Maria will take her rightful place in legend.

Hola Señorita.
Hola Señorita.

Hey you! Thanks for reading.

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