The Global Goulets are now the Nowhere Men!

Nowhere Men

Over 2 years ago, when the 3 of us friends started planning our summer drive from London to Mongolia, the name Global Goulets came to Alex in a dream based on an old inside joke from college.

It’s been 2 years, 32 countries, and 30,000+ miles, and we had no idea our decision to take that summer off would transform our lives. We’ll always think of ourselves as the Global Goulets at heart, but we’ve taken on bigger adventures, a bigger audience, and hope to have a much bigger impact on who we can inspire than we ever thought imaginable.

Although we’re known for going everywhere, we’re even more fascinated by the Nowhere — the places in between, the ones that were never in our plans. The Nowhere wakes up our spirit of adventure and keeps our curiosity endless. It’s the Nowhere we set out for.

As John Lennon, a familiar voice in our car, often reminds us:

“Nowhere Man, please listen;
You don’t know what you’re missing;
Nowhere Man, the wo-o-o-rld is at your command”

We plan to keep adventuring, to keep writing and filming and capturing, and to keep inspiring you to keep an eye out for the Nowhere.

If you’re already following our social media channels, don’t worry, you’ll still be following us automatically when our name changes. If you’re not following us, you can find us here:


See you out Nowhere,

The Nowhere Men

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