We Got A Car, It’s Rally Time!


WE GOT A CAR! It’s #RallyTime!! After nearly a month in Bogotá, it’s finally time to get back on the road with our “new” 1995 #Toyota #LandCruiser. Her name is #Velita, the beautiful Spanish word for “candle” because we bought her on the Colombian holiday Dia de las Velitas and because she is our light to the #endoftheworld. Next stop: #Cali, the salsa-dancing capital of the world! It’s a bittersweet goodbye to #bogota, the city that has nurtured and inspired us for a month, and it would be impossible to do so without shout outs to @jhes_ram @alejandraplazas @danigonzalez8 @cbarrera09 for getting us in road-ready shape #hastapronto#contento #dale #vale #listo #bueno #rally

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