Podcast Episode 2: Music, Mercados, and Ancient Ruins

Check out the second episode of our weekly podcast, 7 Minutes with the Goulets, where we take you all around vibrant Mexico City. Through the use of storytelling and extensive soundscapes, we bring you the various sounds of the street musicians, through some pretty interesting (read: sketchy) markets, and around the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan.

Every tourist we met en route to Mexico City told us we’d love it, but we couldn’t understand why. After a few days in this sprawling, crowded, and honestly charming city, we finally get it.

In this weekly audio stream we’ll give you a unique, real, and raw behind the scenes look into our current week. In return for spending a few minutes with us, we’ll provide you with three distinct things each week. First, we’re going to bathe your brain with the natural sounds from our travels, sending you soundscapes that will take you out of your headphones and onto the road with us. Next, we’ll give you a little story that we found particularly unforgettable. We’ll wrap things up by teaching you the Palabra of the Week – a Spanish word or phrase we learned on the road and how we came to learn its meaning.

So hit play below (or use the SoundCloud app) and prepare to be transported to Mexico City, Mexico! Or subscribe on soundcloud to get the instant update!


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    2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 2: Music, Mercados, and Ancient Ruins

    1. Elinor Ruskin says:

      fabulous! What a great feature. What hard work you’re doing. Can’t get over it. It’s such a wonderful way to relay all the sights and sounds of the city. Do you notice if you feel any differently due to the high altitude in Mexico City?. I believe it has one of the highest altitudes of any city. in the world.

    2. Global Goulets says:

      Thanks! We’re enjoying it too. It’s hard work but of course we love it.
      You’re right about Mexico City, but really none of us ever commented about feeling the altitude. It just feels like an endless, sprawling city. The altitude actually makes the weather much more tolerable than elsewhere in Mexico.

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