The Pride That Saved Medellín – Ep. 035 – Pablo

Medellín was the murder capital of the world in the early 90s. Pablo Escobar ran the city through drugs and violence.

It certainly wasn't a tourist destination.

But now?

Medellín is one of the hottest cities to visit in the world. The city is leading the way in innovation with a young tech scene, and mayors from around the world visit to see a shining example of urban renewal. The Nowhere Men have been back twice.

So what saved Medellín from itself?

For one thing: PRIDE.

Paisas (people from the region) are some of the proudest people we've met. And there's no way they were going to let their dark history prevent them from thriving once again.

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Music credit: Canals by Joakim Karud

Posted by Nowhere Men on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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