Robbed in Cuba – Ep. 072

The first question everyone asked me about getting robbed in Cuba…

“But I thought PEOPLE ARE GOOD!?”

Yes, what happened in Cuba does not jive with the Nowhere Men philosophy.

Allow me to explain…

When we drove through Latin America, we always kept our wits about us. And even though we squeaked by without any real issues, we met plenty of people who were robbed.

We knew it existed. We knew how much it sucked. And we still know it happens.

But the overwhelming majority of people mean well and want to help.

This video – although created ‘by accident’ – is more of a reminder than anything that people are good.

And by the way, it’s important to not walk away from this video with a bad impression of Cubans.

We happened to be THE ONLY CASE reported to the police that day. Crime is very low in Cuba, making my problem all the more ironic.

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Posted by Nowhere Men on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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