From Street Criminal to Lifesaver – Ep. 023: Crown Heights, Br…

White people are afraid to talk about race. We are white. And we're afraid to talk about it too. But we're giving it a try.

The truth is, when we filmed this video with Jim St. Germain, what we were exploring was an extraordinary story of a man who rose from an improbable place in life. Now in his mid twenties, he's gone from ex-juvenile delinquent to successful community leader. (Although if you ask Jim about the word "success," you'll get a different description)

Our videos are about the incredible people we meet. But they're also about how WE learn from those people. So when we thought about this video in particular, we had to acknowledge what was obvious, but hard to discuss:

Our lives, as privileged white men, have been inherently easier than Jim's life, as a black immigrant. The racial dynamics here matter. Because this is representative of systemic racial inequalities that are deeply entrenched in the story of America.

But this story is one of hope. Jim is making a difference. And we want to celebrate him.

Jim's memoir, "A Stone of Hope", is available NOW for pre-order on Amazon. Get your copy now and discover Jim's whole story that we couldn't tell in only 2 minutes!

Posted by Nowhere Men on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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