We’re doing a Reddit AMA tomorrow (5/20) at 2:15 pm EST. Come ASK US ANYTHING!

Ever had a question to ask the Goulets but never had the goulets to ask it? Never had a question but thinking of one now?

Tomorrow at 2:15pm EST we will be doing an AMA on reddit where we will be answering all of your questions (including the dumb ones). Check out reddit.com/r/iama at 2:15 EST tomorrow and join the fun!

What is Reddit? If you don’t know this site by now, we’ve already lost you.

What is an AMA? It means “Ask Me Anything” and we’ll be fielding questions from whoever in the world is curious about our current adventure to the End of the World and our previous journey from London to Mongolia last summer.

So mark your calendars, everyone! And share this message with anyone and everyone who wants to join us for the ride!

Go to reddit.com/r/iama tomorrow at 2:15 pm EST and look for a link for the Global Goulets.

Hey you! Thanks for reading.

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