Podcast Episode 3: Lusty Luchadors, Small Town Celebrations & a Moment of Gratitude

In this episode of 7 Minutes with the Goulets (we round 9.5 minutes down to 7 minutes in this podcast) we take you inside Arena Mexico, teach you about the crafts and customs of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, discover peanut butter, and have a moment of gratitude.

In this weekly audio stream we’ll give you a unique, real, and raw behind the scenes look into our current week. First, we’re going to bathe your brain with the natural sounds from our travels, sending you soundscapes that will take you out of your headphones and onto the road with us. Next, we’ll give you a little story that we found particularly unforgettable. This week, we add two new segments – Real Talk and Moment of Zen.

So hit play below (or use the SoundCloud app) and prepare to be transported to Zipolite, Mexico!

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